Valentines Day and Mr Zuma is gone

Today we swam in the sea in the morning. When I picked the girls up from school, we went slow, we stayed a while to play, and then went to swimming lessons. I was given a card & a pink paper heart made by the girls. Later we went to Scarborough beach to see friends and then came home for supper. J & I watched a romantic movie (my favourite type, his worst) & ate crisps and ice cream (which is fairly rare for us). A simple day, but one filled with love from all sides.

Our now-ex president Zuma was happily and finally removed as state head. Today 15 February Cyril Ramaphosa was sworn in as the new leader of our beautiful country. Much luck, love and wisdom to him that he may heal this broken country and lead her to a safer, sensibler, greener, kinder future.

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