21 Benefits of Owning Less by Joshua Becker

Many of us have read about the benefits of choosing a more simple, less cluttered way of living. Joshua Becker – as I have mentioned a few times before – is, in my opinion, one of the leaders in simplifying the minimalism message. So to speak. Here he sets our 21 reasons to consider adopting a simple life in an articled titled 21 Benefits of Owning Less.

I have found that it took me a lot of repetition in reading articles and books before I began to consciously live in a more minimalist way – decluttering our living space, pausing before purchasing, choosing at times to say no to invitations or activities, deleting apps and email signups.

So perhaps this will be a good reminder of, or introduction to, depending where you are on your journey, the reasons why choosing less, can result in more fulfilment.