Cell Phone Addiction

One of my favourite Minimalists – Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist recently wrote an article called 7 Proven Ways to Break Your Cell Phone Addiction.

Cell phone addiction is in my opinion a real addiction and it is one of my current areas of focus. I downloaded Moment a few weeks ago and was horrified at the amount of my life I spend on my phone. Since then I have actively taken steps to reduce my usage.

I do work on my phone and I work from home. But having 2 young children I am very aware of being available and being present, and of putting my phone down too.

I am definitely not anti-technology. Having a phone gives me the freedom to move around, and to be with my girls, while still being available to do work at swimming and ballet and in the car.

But… how many times do I check for mail and check WhatsApp and quickly pop onto Instagram when I am with the girls when I do not really have to? And this is the grey area wherein lies the difference between smart use of my smartphone, and unnecessary overuse and choosing the screen over my children.

It’s about priorities. And to be honest I do have the power to choose much of the time.

The article starts below: