9 lessons about success, money and happiness from an almost 80 year old

Every weekend I receive Encouraging Simplicity. Weekend Reads – from Joshua Becker. It contains a selection of articles about living a more minimalist, meaningful, simple life.

This week an article titled “9 Things about Happiness and Money We’re Often Taught Too Late” caught my eye. I really enjoy reading life advice from older people who have experienced a life before me.

In fact when I am in a tough situation and need to respond – one of my strategies is to imagine myself as an 80-something year old looking back at my life. I then act in accordance with how I would like to see myself. Because when I am older I would like to be at peace with the way in which I chose to live my life.

Also the older I get the more I realise life is full of patterns and we all go through a range of fairly similar experiences, changing and with the focus of what we hold important, shifting as we grow older.

So thank you to Peter Buckman for sharing these 9 lessons about success, money and happiness from an almost 80 year old.