A Fairytale Backstory

Once upon a time, there was a young lass who hopped on a plane and set off for faraway lands to seek her fortune.

She threw herself into new experiences and enjoyed years of fun and freedom and flights to all corners of the world. 

In one of the places she traveled she met a beautiful man with eyes the colour of the sea and a heart of gold.

After many years, more than a few ups and downs, and having made many wild memories, the lass and the beautiful man met again and decided to wed. So they did.

Soon a beautiful baby girl was born. She had eyes the colour of the sea and her mother’s hair – a head of golden curls. Life was happy and full.

The couple decided to return to live in the land of their births. So they took their child back to Africa. 

They started a business and found a house and began to settle down.

Soon a second beautiful baby girl was born. She had eyes the colour of the sea and her father’s colouring – caramel-scented skin.  Life was happy and even more full.

The lass and the man worked very hard to earn a living and raise their beautiful daughters with love and kindness. Life threw a few bitter lemons their way, but it also threw some sweet cherries!

And life tumbled on. 

After a while, the lass and her man forgot that they loved each other so much and they grew sad. They grew silent and stressed. But… they saw this and they decided to work hard to remember that they loved each other so much. And so they did.

And life carried on.

After a while, the lass realised she had grown weary and that life had become weighty. With a heavy heart, she realised that somewhere along the way of her life she had forgotten who she was. The nomadic young lass of her youth was gone. But who was this more mature woman with her bundle of responsibilities?

But… she saw that she was lost and she decided to look hard for something to set her on fire again and give her a greater sense of independent purpose. And so she did.

One day she came across an article written by a beautiful blonde Norwegian. The Norwegian talked about a community that she was part of where freedom and passion and personal growth were the goals. She discussed independence and flexible working and value-driven creations being her reality.

And the nomadic lass took a deep breath and smiled. She made a decision and joined her in the community.

At that moment it seemed as if the sun shone a little brighter. She had taken her first step towards rediscovering who she was.

She threw herself into the process and spent all her spare time learning and taking action and trying new things and challenging herself and making habit changes. She began to meditate and write every day.

Life became richer. She felt more fulfilled. She found meaning in and direction to the way she spent her days.

She was filled with renewed energy and fresh ideas and she began to blossom. She worked very hard and felt herself expanding and her hope increasing.

One day she looked up and around. She saw that she had grown. She was bigger. She was living in bolder colours again and was surrounded by many good things.

She shared some of what she learnt with her ripe-corn-colour-haired daughters and her blue-eyed man. She felt independent and more herself than she had felt in a long while.

She felt more confident and a sense of pride.

She realised that somewhere along the way she had remembered who she was.

And life was happy and the right kind of full.

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  1. Mona Solberg

    I love your story♥️ I think so many people need to hear this and be inspired to take back the magic of their dreams to live a truly fulfilling life. Thank you for sharing your story and being an inspiration to others😇🙏

    1. Genevieve Dalrymple

      Hello Mona. Thank you! Yes, that is my intention – to inspire others to decide to refocus & then take steps to create a life that really suits them & that makes them feel good.

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