A look inside my Minimalist-oriented mind

This is a screenshot of my Simple Beautiful Life favourites. Honestly. Organised, categorised, and regularly pruned so as to contain only useful information.

Its my simple, Minimalist system for organising my many scattered thoughts and ideas and areas of interest. And I thought it might be an interesting way to show a bit of who I am, and how I go about creating this simple, beautiful life.

I have taken any resources that I have found to be helpful to me on my journey and created an organised landscape for them to inhabit, organically. There’s a rich mix of Earthly, practical, spiritual, philosophical, necessary, enjoyable, sensible, serious and superficial topics spread across the canvas. And it is from here that I draw much knowledge, inspiration, and comfort for my journey.

I am always interested in learning new skills and reading about new ideas or information. It is with much gratitude to those further along on their journeys, that they have made their knowledge available to all.