A personal and professional transformational exercise – the 90-day video journey

With the online world turning towards video, I thought I would share something about the Mentors 90-day video journey.

The Mentors community have numerous challenges which are available to join, all of which are inspiring and about personal growth. I, my personality type, loves a challenge. In fact, a challenge motivates me to achieve movement, as external accountability is something that drives me.

So if the framework of a challenge helps you grow, you may resonate with what I have to share.

For me, this one has been the most transformational exercise I have taken on in recent years.

It was so beautifully and beneficially expansive, that I have just started round 2, a year after I did it for the first time.

Here are some questions for you

If you wonder how this could benefit you, have a look at these questions, and then read on:

  • How relaxed do you feel in front of a camera?
  • Do you have any video editing skills?
  • What could you talk about for hours?
  • What do you know a lot about?
  • What interests you?
  • Who would you like to support – for whom would you make a video?
  • Do you know your avatar intimately?
  • Do you have content pillars in your business?
  • Are you on Youtube, or Instagram Reels, or doing Lives on Facebook?
  • Do you believe video is a growing and important way to share your message?
  • Do you like challenges and accountability?
  • How about stretching your video wings in a safe (closed) and supportive group?
  • Are you interested to experience how a video journey could lead you to bust through your comfort zone and expand, step up?
  • Join us by signing up to the community and all the challenges and learning and support here.

Starting the 90-day video journey challenge

I remember being nervous and very awkward when I shot my first few videos. I noticed every imperfection in my physical appearance and then felt shy about my voice and accent. I put on make-up (I normally don’t wear any), selected my outfits carefully, and planned what I wanted to say.

My focus was on how I looked and spoke. It was about getting used to being myself on camera. This was exactly where I needed to focus at the time.

I had joined Mentors from a place of desperation and lack of direction. I needed clarity, I needed to know what and how to begin my business, I needed new skills, and I needed a fresh work start. I had not been working on my business for long, and I was fairly overwhelmed with all the new knowledge I was taking in.

Looking back, I was lacking in self-confidence, and I had just stepped onto the path of increasing my self-knowledge.

I was unsure of my voice, I felt I had very little value to share, or much of interest to say at all.

The act of having to come up with something to say and shoot a video every day for 3 months was exactly what I needed at that time, even though I did not know it.

Getting more comfortable

After a while I began to relax in front of the camera. Simply because it is a tedious and tiring thing to maintain a sense of uber-composure and poise every day for a month or more.

So I began to become authentic. Although I aspire to be a well-groomed, intelligent, interesting, and polished professional, I am really a wild-haired, big-mouthed, light-hearted, and simple-loving lass!

After a while, the real me began to show. And it was relaxing and quite a relief.

I noticed I stopped making such an effort to look well put-together and focused instead on finding something of possible value to say, and to deliver it as well and naturally as possible.

Knowing a little more this time around, my confidence has grown enough to allow me to chat more freely, because I have greater self-knowledge and it seems with that, self-acceptance.

Also, I know that I would rather watch an imperfect human deliver something fresh and fun or interesting, than a formal near-perfect video from which I feel a cool and unrelatable distance. These are my preferences.

Completing the 90-day video journey challenge

I remember being thrilled and proud when I shot my last video. I had managed to achieve 90 videos in 90 days. I had shared a few things that I had wanted to say. I had made some new friends. I had grown in my confidence and unknowingly had started to create my very own brand.

My focus had been on me, for others.

It was a sweet spot I could accept, coming as I had from a place of having had all my focus on others, having forgotten myself, my interests and even my identity. The important part was that I had challenged myself and grown. It had been a profoundly simple yet personal journey.

While I remembered who I had been when I had joined Mentors; frustrated, scared, directionless, and doubting, I noticed that I had started to expand, push my own boundaries, and get comfortable with stretching my comfort zone.

What I had gained

I had started to grow in self-confidence and self-knowledge, and the sense of achievement from having completed the journey was the hit of independence that I had been seeking. I believe that anyone who completes such a journey demonstrates perseverance and strength of character.

I had become a little more sure of my voice, and slightly more aware of my unique value to others.

The act of having to appear in a video every day had strengthened my resolve while diluting my fear of not being enough.

The challenge was good for me. It was a big, enriching step in my own personal evolution journey. It was exactly what I needed at that time, even though I did not know it.

I would encourage you to try it and see for yourself.

So if you could use some accountability and support, and a challenge that will tug you out of your comfort zone, join the community. Here is a link to join.

As always, thank you for reading.