A Simple Beautiful Digital Life

When Covid-19 shut down the world, we lost a business. 

But there is almost always a silver lining to be found in life experiences.

Taking a 100% cut in salary provided the necessary push of desperation and inspiration that I needed to spend the enforced time at home learning, and creating my own heartfelt business in the digital world.

It is a move I have wanted to make for a number of years, but I did not know how to start; and to be honest I lacked the motivation. 

Here is a brief background to my story. It is an update of the first blog post I ever wrote:

It all started with a song, at sunrise. In 2017 I attended a Secret Sunrise gathering, at sunrise, to listen to music and dance for an hour as the sun came up. As it ended off, the DJ played Alan Watts & David Lindberg’s – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey.

I was standing in a meadow with the first rays of sun reaching over the top of the surrounding mountains as I listened to the words of Alan Watts. Words urging me to live a life of richness, and a life of purpose. It was a truly beautiful moment. And it was a life changing one, because I decided in that meadow to start creating a more intentional life. I decided to start living more simply, and according to my priorities. Alan Watts’ words gave me the nudge I had needed to put into action some of the theory about Minimalism that I had been reading over the years.

I decided to create a simple and beautiful life for myself and my family, and this was the outline. 

  • I wanted to create breathing space by decluttering material stuff. 
  • I wanted to create head space by actively simplifying the days by saying yes less.  
  • I wanted to work towards a more healthy financial way of life. 
  • I wanted to respect our bodies by eating tasty, healthy food. 
  • And I wanted to be open to and cognisant of other shifts that happened.
  • I focused my thoughts on simplicity, beauty of nature and quality.

I started to record our journey here in my blog and wrote that if my record inspired others to do the same, it would add immensely to the journey. But I didn’t share the blog anywhere or tell anyone about it. I also created an Instagram account @asimplebeautifullifesa, which took some courage as I ‘put myself out there’.

And now it is 2020. I have started afresh. I am learning the skills I need to create my online business. I am taking action. I am excited, and I am motivated.

And so I will be sharing what I am learning with the world so that anyone who is interested can join me on a journey of learning digital skills, self-discovery, personal growth, and more freedom. 

And I am excited again for the simple, beautiful journey ahead.