Abundance meditation insights

A friend invited me to join her in a group for the self-practise Deepak Chopra Abundance Challenge – 21 Days of Meditation for Wealth and Well-Being.

The meditations and tasks were sent via WhatsApp. I checked the Chopra website and can not find mention of this.

We completed it a few days ago. This is what I learnt:

  • It was good to be held accountable for a daily, regular meditation practise.
  • Some days were harder to get into the meditative state, but thanks to the accountability, I did it anyway – which is a good life skill.
  • Deepak is the bomb!
  • I found the time to fit in a short daily meditation because I prioritised it.
  • I was calmer overall.
  • I started to trust a bit, in the universal plan, and the availability of abundance for all, which is a soothing way to live a life.
  • I am someone who seems to benefit from external pressure (accountability to others).
  • I started to recognise and have more gratitude for all the things that do come my way – as Deepak always listed abundance as prosperity but also love, time, emotional fulfilment, creative solutions.
  • It now makes more sense that Nature is infinitely abundant.
  • And that abundance comes from within – it is not external circumstances but my mind which creates abundance.
  • I learnt that I must take full responsibility for my own life journey.
  • I had a job interview!
  • I came across a friend, also doing the challenge, who decided to start a new business helping women entrepreneurs with social media marketing, so I have signed up with her.
  • I have been receiving many compliments on my look!?
  • My husband and I are more connected.
  • I am surrounded by so many incredible people.
  • I have stepped away from work conflict but not engaging. Taking control of my own life.
  • I am feeling like my blog is flowing, which I am enjoying.
  • I am enjoying making kombucha.
  • I am enjoying baking a little again.
  • I am enjoying putting together healthy Mediterranean meals.
  • I am enjoying not drinking regularly and feel better about life.
  • I have faith that all will be good.
  • And more.

I became more aware of my life and all the good in it. I realise now that I need to step up.

Even when I didn’t get the job that I applied for (mentioned above), I still experienced Abundance. The woman who read my motivation and CV explained she was looking more for an assistant and wrote the following to me:

My impression – you are better suited to do your own thing/run your own business/find your own way. Like me. I appreciate your enquiry and the time it took to write such a great letter to me. Your blog is fantastic.

And such advice! In a nutshell – I have taken her feedback as the Universe talking directly to me. Stop looking for someone to save me and give me a support role job. I need to do my own thing/run my own business/find my own way.

An Abundance mindset. What a great way to life a life. I’m in love.