Add to the world with beauty

For as long as I can look back, one of the fundamental guiding principles in my life has been beauty.

Whether consciously or not, it is the theme which appears most regularly, even through all my attempts – in vain – at smothering it. I have done bits of self- work over the years and have started to accept that I am a creative and a visually-oriented person, for whom the many-hued blues of a seascape, the almost unreal hues of a sunset or a massive, ancient mountain range can serve to elevate my very being.

Regarding a legacy, I guess I should best like to depart the world having left behind something of beauty. Something to elevate others’ daily existence. Although previously I considered my legacy of beauty in terms of of material substance, perhaps now I have grown into a more abstract idea. Would raising kind-hearted children count? Or simply spreading my idea of a simple, beautiful life?

There is a brilliant children’s’ book about this – one of my favourites to read to the girls – called Miss Rumphius. It seems that others have also loved it, as I have just discovered it has been made into a short film narrated by Claire Danes! Spread the sentiment I say. Beautiful in its simplicity.