Align your Work to Your Life, not vice versa

Choose a belief system to underpin your decisions, and live your life creating great work.

A few years ago I discovered Minimalism, and it spoke to me.

Slowly, bit by bit, the philosophy started to underpin my decision making, until it blossomed into my chosen way of life.

A few months ago I discovered digital business, and it is singing to me!

Slowly, and not without some skepticism, the opportunity started to make sense, until now when it informs my work and personal life.

An online business fits in well with my Minimalist ways, involving no things other than a laptop; no stock, no waste, or plastic or clutter.

Long ago I had an epiphany that I wanted somehow to create and share a moment of light/ a second of upliftment in life. I didn’t know how or what exactly, but something of beauty. This idea has never left me.

Earlier this year, 2020, I was fortunate enough to have discovered a community of online learners and business owners through a Minimalism blog.

What I Had Then

One of my big life challenges has been not knowing what I want. And therefore not knowing what to aim for.

  • I have not known my purpose.
  • I have not had a linear career.
  • I have not linked my identity to a job ever.
  • I have no specialist skills.

I have no background in marketing or digital business or online sales or content creation or advertising.

But I am learning, every day.

“Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live.”

Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

What I Have Now

I am now creating a lifestyle business with purpose, for others, but based around me.

Creating this simple life takes a lot of learning and therefore a lot I can pass on to others who might be interested, for example:

  • learning about relevant philosophy to act as a foundation for my life
  • getting to know me, again, as a mother and older woman with new goals
  • understanding my why and pursuing my own unique life direction wholeheartedly
  • taking action to turn the theory into reality
  • changing habits to improve my life and those that surround me
  • working on my productivity so I can spend less time doing better work
  • hopping outside my comfort zone to enable my personal growth and support my developing self confidence
  • going gently, on myself
  • staying the course, through emotional and daily undulations
  • keeping some balance, and not letting work take over
  • learning to focus on one thing at a time,
  • persevering.

My purpose is to share my experiences creating a simple beautiful life in the hope that others might be inspired to do the same.


My recent discovery

One of the necessary tasks to be completed when creating a business is to clarify who I am wishing to serve with my blogs and my Instagram account.

Although I had some idea, I now realise that who I really want to help and support are people who have gone through a life-altering experience and wish to reinvent themselves.

My parent and identity fog

Let me start by saying how I adore my daughters and how in many ways I am creating this business to serve them. I want to provide for them, and to be a role model for them, and to teach them skills and model for them consistency and perseverance and human decency, and how striving for aspirations is a worthwhile pursuit.

But also – having children had a sizeable impact on my identity. I spent many years floundering in the murky millpond of life purpose, not quite able to see clearly where I was trying to go.

I lost my individual spark. I lost my personal, independent identity.

I needed a refresh.

Post pandemic identity refresh

I believe the 2020 pandemic might impact some similarly. Those who lose their income, or who’s time away from the office digs up uncomfortable feelings of discontent with the way things have been, and who want a shift.

I wonder if there will be a lot of people wanting to start fresh and reinvent themselves. Because if nothing else, the covid-induced pause has offered us the opportunity to start again.

If not now, then when?

Align your work to your life, not vice versa

I now make my decisions in accordance with Minimalist theory.

I now run a business online, from home, allowing me to spend time with my family. My business centres around supporting others.

  • I needed to start fresh.
  • I needed to work but with purpose.
  • I needed to align my work to my chosen Minimalist lifestyle.

So I aim to share what I have learnt from my simple life choices and from starting my business, with those who might want something similar.

  • I want to give people hope.
  • I want to support people as they start fresh.
  • I want to witness people recreating their identity, or finding themselves again.
  • And celebrate their journey to a simple beautiful life.

I have learned so much since having joined the amazing community online.

I continue to learn every day.

So far I have learned:

  • entrepeneurial skills
  • how to be brave and video myself
  • how to be brave and share my views
  • how to be brave and talk up on zoom calls
  • about WordPress
  • about digital marketing
  • about Instagram
  • about Facebook
  • to write better blog posts
  • to write better emails
  • how to set up a website
  • how to link and track and even a bit about coding
  • all about automation
  • something new every day

And through webinars and from other members I have also learned:

  • to become more me
  • to be comfortable with being unique
  • to be comfortable with being outside my comfort zone
  • to ask for help
  • to support others
  • to get out of my own way
  • to try hard
  • to persevere
  • to grow
  • to rest
  • to remember why I am starting a business – for those I love

I am thrilled every day that I decided to sign up for digital skills training. The journey I am on is full of practical and current skills to learn and unexpected in its level of personal growth.

For me it has been and continues to be a life-changing decision.

If your are interested to learn more, do get in touch, it might just change your life. Alternatively click the button below which will take you straight to the same free training I did that got me started.