An Inspiring Business To Love

I now run a business in my own time around my real interests. There are many elements of this type of business, that rock!

Part of what I share is how you can learn to do this too – so there is a big red button at the end of this post which will take you to the free training that got me started on my journey to online business owner.

But first, to inspire you, here is some of what I love about my business. It allows me to:

  • rekindle my identity through ongoing learning and growing (who am I)
  • share what I learn on my journey to motivate others (spread the good)
  • work from home but connect to the world (be global)
  • manage my days and be available for my daughters (my time)
  • be an independent business owner for my girls to see (role model)
  • create work around my interests – of simple beautiful living (passion)
  • help support our family while looking after myself too (responsibility)

Let’s Explore

Who Am I

I am discovering my interests and going deeper into them. I lived in a fog for quite a few years. I was sleep-deprived with babies, but I think more than that, I was adrift and directionless.

Now, as I consider elements of my business more, my interests clarify themselves. My focus is sharpening. I have regained direction.

By going through some of the course lessons and committments, I am becoming more comfortable with my values, my goals, my triggers, my personal strengths and challenges.

I am experiencing that this is all leading to more self-confidence:

  • I feel my posture straightening,
  • my clothes choice improving,
  • my decisiveness strengthening, and
  • I am even wearing my wild hair down more!

I am refiguring my previously deflated identity and it comes with a feeling of relief, hope and contentment.

pic by Sharday Swanepoel

Spread The Good

I am writing more, videoing myself, getting to know my unique voice in the world, and becoming more comfortable sharing it.

I offer people a mix of other people’s wisdom, and my take on the relevance it bears to the creation of a consciously simple life.

I am learning that it is a real joy to be able to guide anyone who is interested in learning about simplifying a life or needing direction.

I am learning that the more I share, the more I learn about my own journey. And the more experience I therefore have to share.

Be Global From Home

As I live far from the centre of town, and have young children, I have wanted to work from home, believeing some kind of online work would work. Because job hunting was not an easy option, and I felt strongly that I wanted to be around for my girls.

I just didn’t know how to work online until I came across the community I did. Now I get to be at home, with my girls, and connect with people from all over our world every day.

The arrival of covid-19 has shown us how much work we can manage from home. It has also shown us how much we need to connect with others.

So it is a beautiful combination to be able to dictate the day, from home, yet have access to to global colleagues and markets.

Manage My Life Time

As above, I work when it suits my lifestyle. I work when the girls are at school, and sometimes when they are in bed. I get to fetch them from school, eat lunch with them, take them to ballet and tennis, and get work done when I need to.

I also get to swim in the ocean if it is a beautiful day. Or to spend time with a friend who has come from the other side of the world to visit (pre-covid), without having to take a day of leave. I get to say yes to an experience on a Tuesday morning if I so choose. I get to rest when I am weary.

I get to live, and be in control of much of my life-time.

Positive Role Model

As above – I work around my children. Because of this I also get to show them what I do, occasionally ask for their input, and gently discuss what I am learning, how I am changing, and how I am feeling.

I hope they see a mother inspired to produce good work that impacts people around the world positively.

I hope they observe and learn that it is possible to work, and have a family, and be a business owner and make decisions, as a good person, a woman, a mother, and partner.

That would be part of a good legacy.

pic by Sharday Swanepoel

Live And work With Passion

I started writing a blog about creating a simple beautiful life, but it hung there, out in the cloud for a while.

I didn’t really know what to do with it, other than jot down some ideas – for me.

Now, as I am learning the skills needed to share it and expand it into a business, I am seeing some of my ideas evolve, and business ideas develop.

Now I am learning how to see value in my experience, and turn this genuine interest of mine – in simple living, learning, personal growth and development and the world’s beauty – into something more solid – for others.

Sharing my thoughts gives them more substance.

Sharing my words gives hope, to me – about creating good, and living well, and sharing what I consider to be a worthwhile message.

Sharing my experience, I hope, gives hope to others too – who may also be living in a fog, wondering what to do, knowing they want to create something good.


There are many ways to support a family. Financially is one way. Emotionally is another. I am seeing how the personal growth I am experiencing while learning about digital business and creating my own, is helping to support my family emotionally.

My husband recently told me that I am even becoming a better housemate! I put it down to the new habits I am developing and the new personal narratives I am creating.

I am focusing more on me than I have in years. Many of us give our all to our beautiful young children, depleting the care-reserves before we get any ourselves. To take back some of that care, is life-changing. And it can be simple:

  • I meditate every day
  • write down my loose, rattling thoughts to clear my mind
  • drink water
  • and stretch
  • I learn
  • I permit myself rest

I am changing for the better. I feel more confident, and quietly powerful, the more I share of my lived experience and learning.

I am finding my corner of the world, I am learning every day and rising above challenges. Life is rich and has substance. I have direction again, and renewed energy that comes with rekindling personal passion.

There is a lot to love about this business.

For Those Who Are Interested In Creating Their Own Business

If you are interested to learn more about business, start by watching the free training videos here, the same ones I watched to get started.

That is what did, after quite a while spent to and fro-ing about the whole idea of learning about the online world of work. I dipped a toe in.

I found this online business education company that had been teaching and supporting people to start and build successful online businesses for over a decade.

I discovered a bright new world of support – accountability groups, mentors, great digital education, and lots of inhouse tools and clear instructions to facilitate building a business.

Besides learning real digital skills –

  • The personal growth I am experiencing is profound.
  • I love getting reacquainted with myself I am again.
  • I love the feeling of growth and expansion.
  • I love all the learning (although it can be overwhelming at times)
  • I love being part of a vibrant and supportive entrepreneurial community.
  • I am getting back on track to me after I lost my identity for a while.

The impact of this has given me so much good in my life.

Although it took me a while to get started, it was such a good decision for me – to start studying from home and learn real skills I can use to start a business – even though I didn’t know I wanted to start a business, when I started?!.

I would encourage anyone to spend a part of some evenings watching the free videos. They might just be the catalyst that sets you off on a life-changing journey of your own. Here they are: