Are You Interested In Change, Now?

A question I am asking myself is if it is the right time for this business? Is anyone interested in what I offer, at the moment?

I offer an opportunity to change and grow. Do we want to change, any more, at all?

I have come to believe the answer is yes.

I recently read an article about startup success and although there were a number of factors, the most crucial ingredient for success was timing.

There have been business owners who had brilliant ideas, but were ahead of their time. There have been businesses which failed because our collective mindset was in a different place, or because the technology was not quite ready. I was once in a startup where our offer was succesful elsewhere but not where we were based.

The Relevance Of My Offer

I offer a lifestyle opportunity based on simplicity. I offer:

  • Guidance about living a certain lifestyle.
  • My experience creating an intentional, simple, beautiful life as a way to inspire others to create their own.
  • An opportunity for others, by sharing the tools I have used on my journey.

The Timing Of My Offer

At this point in time where covid is causing change on a grand scale:

  • Does the world want what I am offering, opportunity to change and grow?
  • Is anyone interested, at the moment, in doing the things a different way?
  • Is anyone wanting to hit refresh?
  • Are we feeling fatigued by all the chaos around us?
  • Are we ready for action by taking new opportunities?

I believe many of us are looking for another way of doing things.

Perhaps accelerated by the covid-induced pause in our collective lives, we have had time to breathe and to take a look at our lives.

We may have experienced the discomfort of realising that we were living lives that we consider less than ideal.

  • Some of us may accept the status quo as we have a sizeable set of personal circumstances.
  • Some of us may have been inspired to change.
  • Some of us my feel like we are waking up.
  • We may feel uncomfortable and wish for the old ways.
  • We may feel a constant nervous energy.
  • We may be asking more questions.

My Recent Loss and Rebirth

Humans almost always change because we have to. Even if we want to, change is uncomfortable and so we tend to avoid it.

My experience losing a business during the covid shutdown meant that I was fortunate enough to have to take action. I had to try something else.


This was how I came across a global online community of individuals who were also taking action and making changes in their lives.


This is where I began my training in digital business skills. If you are interested this is the free training that got me started – here it is.

Incorporated in the digital training are a great deal of personal growth exercises.

Personal Growth

Although I was not looking for it, I now realise how fundamentally important the personal growth journey was, and continues to be. It is a central element of changing a lifestyle, and starting a business.

During this personal growth, my business and brand almost developed itself. It evolved and expanded and clarified itself. In fact when I started out I had no idea what I was offering, or what value I could add, or how it could be a business.

(My personal growth journey has also positively affected my relationships. It has also grown my self-awareness and self-confidence, but that is a separate story).


My small collection of thoughts, paired with my initial desperation are now growing into a business that guides interested people to create simple beautiful lifestyles of their own. You can read some more here.

Guided by minimalist thinking and Stoic wisdom, I am now able to share my story and my learning with others who are looking for simplicity and opportunity. And it feels good.

Yes, It Is The Right Time

And this is why I believe it is the right timing for such an offering. I believe there is value in a lifestyle guide.

Many of us no longer follow an organised religion. We lose out on the community and support and advice that used to go hand in hand with this.

We can feel somewhat adrift in our lives; rudderless and lacking direction. I know I did before I came across the community.

I now have direction and a sense of purpose. I now have inspiration and renewed hope. I am part of a supportive community. I have access to ongoing learning and up to date digital skills training.

My days are spent working with my interests. My hours are spent in the pursuit of creating new worthwhile habits, acquiring new skills and producing quality in my work.

A general feeling of expansion accompanies my life now.

I believe we need this. We need to feel lighter. To breathe more deeply. I believe that this is the right time for a business that supports such a life to thrive.

Join me and the community. It has been one of the best, and most well-timed decisions I have ever made.

That’s me, early in the morning, looking happy!

Thanks for reading.