Art and beauty

I am drawn to beautiful things and sights, like a moth to a flame.

I studied art right through school, and loved it. I studied a little more art history at university, and loved it.

I have been fortunate enough to have visited art galleries and museums in New York, Europe, in the UK, Australia and in various parts of Africa.

This blog is called a simple beautiful life. It is about living a simple life. It is also about beauty in all shapes and forms, because this is one of the fundamentals of who I am. I am a visual person. I appreciate beauty; beautiful compositions, colours in the sky, balance, harmony, people, photographs, music, food… the list goes on.

If I were to leave a legacy to this world – I would aim for it to be something beautiful. 

Regarding my own creativity – I write, I worked as a photographer for a while, I draw and colour, I used to sew a lot, I also worked as a chef on a yacht. Some of my family and friends have applauded my creativity.

Yet I have not ever pursued it as my life purpose.  And my limiting lack of self belief has prevented me from becoming an artist. 

Coupled with this, I have a deep seated desire to have a career of my very own – which I have linked in part to my purpose. It is one of my greatest wishes.  I certainly have grabbed at a number of opportunities that have come my way in life – leaving in my wake a jumble of career directions and attempts at finding myself.

Then a fortnight ago I called a close friend to say I really needed to find some direction with regards to my own work. My friend prompted me to get in touch with an artist friend of hers who was looking for a manager. So I did. A few days later Alex – the artist got in touch, and I have been working with him since.

So now I spend a bit of time working in the art world. What a joy for me. Still not an artist myself but I have access to creativity and art and galleries, and I get to meet people with open minds who think about beauty and purpose. I get to spend a part of each working week surrounded by beauty.

I am betting that this came my way in part because I have been simplifying life and therefore opening up the space to see with greater clarity, my purpose.

But I am grateful for it as it is providing me with much inspiration.