August 2020 Challenges

With regards to my July challenges:

  1. Health
    1. Sun salutations – health YES
    2. A glass of water morning and evening at least – health YES
    3. Run only ONCE a week – health HMM
  2. Self
    1. Meditation – spirituality YES
    2. French – 15 minutes of brain gym YES
    3. Some learning – Blinkist or Medium or a podcast or video YES
    4. Visualize my future YES
    5. Write a minimum of 1 page of free-flow creative writing YES
    6. Take photos of my beautiful local haunts YES
    7. Some quiet fun activity with the girls YES
  3. Wealth
    1. Spend 2 hours every day on my digital business! YES
  4. Social
    1. I will be more active in the online community of which I am part. YES
    2. I will be learning about social media and upping my game. YES
    3. I will be listening to 2 webinars a week – minimum. YES


So… my daily rhythm is now mostly flowing steadily. I am:

  • meditating
  • drinking water
  • doing my stretching
  • flossing!
  • writing
  • visualising my future
  • learning French
  • learning something – reading or listening
  • working on my business for 2 hours
  • exercising – a run or a cycle or a dog walk or a swim

On the day of writing this, I am on Day 100 of uninterrupted French and am enjoying learning a little more every day.

This month – AUGUST

I will still be focused on the creation of a simple and beautiful life, based on the basic principles of Minimalism. I will still be working on the 4 areas of life: health, wealth, self, and social.

But I feel I want to set myself a few new challenges, to avoid feeling stale, so have added a few additional considerations or tasks, in bold below:

  1. Health
    • Sun salutations & core exercises & water & exercise
    • Drop back down to only one coffee per day
    • Run 2 x a week
  2. Self
    • Meditation & writing & visualisation & French & learning something new every day
    • Get behind my old Nikon SLR and use it
    • Get in front of my phone & video myself sharing something
  3. Wealth
    • Spend 2 hours minimum a day on my digital business
    • Consider what is The Most Important Thing as I start work each morning, and afternoon – Leo Babauta
    • Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  4. Social
    • Restrict my Netflix watching to weekends
    • Restrict my choice to foreign films


comfort zone

I am loving working on my online business. And today I had an epiphany: Life gets exciting out of the comfort zone. So in August, I intend to try to get more comfortable spending some more time there.


I am attending quite a few of the very valuable webinars and information sharing sessions that are hosted.

Some are about digital skills. Some are about personal growth. But I always find some value in them.

I am constantly learning about myself and my particular challenges in starting my own business.

I am feeling alive and interested in all of it.


I am loving the learning and valuing the community of which I am a part.

And the best part is that I am realising that I really am not alone. We all have our own mix of struggles and skills and knowledge gaps and strengths.

And often where I am struggling, someone who has been through it before me, steps in to offer advice and support.


I am posting on Instagram about things I believe in – simplicity and living according to priorities, and digital business.

I write blog posts about simplifying life and about running a business online, on your own terms, and according to your own values.

So if you are interested in some free training from the same team of people who are teaching me how to run a business online – please enjoy this video.

I am so glad that I joined the super active and highly supportive community.