Authenticity & Courage

Authenticity – the quality of being authentic. Authentic – to do with being genuine, original, accurate, reliable.

Courage – the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

I had a conversation this morning with a new friend who is an influencer. The first real life influencer I have met! I explained that I wanted to work more online, with a global reach and she offered a whole lot of advice. Which was unexpected, amazing and so appreciated.

Part of her advice was that one has to work every day and keep it up, as the internet is a fast and fickle place and one can drop off the radar with great ease and rapidity, unless one is always creating content.

The part of her advice that really resonated however, was her suggestion that I keep it AUTHENTIC. A word which keeps appearing in my life. It might be a mid-life realisation, as life experience is teaching me that this is how I really want to show up. It might also be in part due to some of the healing work I have recently been doing. But the message is constant. The only way to live is with authenticity. As she explained, readers can pick up a lack of authenticity.

But also – is there any other way to live – if aiming to create a simple and beautiful life?

I am 44 and I am learning every day how to be at peace with being me; honestly, unashamedly and bravely. For me being authentic goes hand in hand with being courageous. Because authenticity demands an openness, a seen unadulterated version of me; it makes me vulnerable – it opens me up to judgement of others.

Yet we are always judged, so we might as well be ourselves and be judged for our authenticity.

My influencer friend suggested I “open my blog up” – ie – invite people to read it. Which I currently don’t!? And her parting words were – “be brave”.

There it is again: authenticity and courage together.

So maybe soon I will put this sweet blog out there and see where it leads.