How To Listen

  • Post published:22nd Feb 2022

How to listen? We do that all day! But if we consider how we listen; do we really focus, with all our attention, on what people are saying to us? Or are we quite often more focused on preparing our replies, considering ourselves in a similar…

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New Year New Plans

  • Post published:1st Feb 2022

Could February Be The New January? With some focus and structure we can have an enjoyable and productive year, simply. It is 1 February and I have now just started my side-hustle work for the year. 1 February is (still) a new year. It is still…

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How To Live an Aligned Life

  • Post published:25th Nov 2021

Would you like to live an aligned life? Recently I came across the concept of an aligned life. An aligned life is "a state of being where our intentions and our actions are in full agreement."aligned life When our actions support our intentions we are able…

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