Recently it was my birthday, which is on Women’s Day in South Africa – which is nice as I get a public holiday & I get to celebrate women & me. My friend gave me the gift of a Breathwork session which I went to not knowing much/anything about. Infact I was expecting some slow yoga so arrived with mat and yoga clothes. That is how little I knew about what was to happen.

All I can say is that the experience was mind-blowing! And further that I urge anyone who is curious and who enjoys new experiences to give it a try.

We went to a beautiful studio surounded by nature and Jean was the fabulous facilitator – from Bodhi Breathwork. The above image is from his website. As is this explanation of Breathwork in a nutshell:

“[Breathwork] uses accelerated breathing, heightened levels of oxygen, evocative music and deep inner focus to help participants open to non-ordinary states of consciousness for self-healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening.”

We lay down and were instructed how to do the connected breathing technique, then the music began and I was literally transported, somewhere. I saw images and visions, I had physical reactions, I was admittedly a bit scared, but I was open to it all, and felt bliss, love, light. Honestly, and I do have some cynic in me, it was one of the most powerful life experiences I have had. I relinquished control, I was hot, and cold, and out of body, and back in my body.

It made me believe in some power outside of me. And love.

And now life carries on, but with a heightened sense of sorts with regards to those closest to me. And I will definitely be going back.

I would place this experience right in the centre of the creation of a simple beautiful life. It has opened my eyes further to the simplicity of life. Without wishing to sound flakey, love really is at the centre of it all. So that will be my focus. Love for family and friends and our beautiful blue planet Earth.