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The Golden Rule

I recently listened to a TED Talk by Karen Armstrong Let's revive the Golden Rule. But what is the Golden Rule? It is the principle of treating others as you…


December Challenges 2020

It is December, the last month of the chaotic year 2020. I recently wrote a post called 7 Lessons I Learned From My 2020 Monthly Challenges looking back at all…

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Be your unique self and benefit the world!

Recently I read an article by Jordan Gross in Medium about finding one's life’s purpose in which he quotes Elizabeth Gilbert. Based on her words he suggests we ask ourselves…

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November 2020 Challenges

It is November in the chaotic year of 2020. Here it is also late Spring/ early Summer - so it is a season of light, growth, and fresh beginnings, with…

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Video Introduction & Stoicism

Today I shot a video instead of writing a blog post. You can watch it here. It is just over 3 minutes. I had just listened to a class on…

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October 2020 Challenges

It is October which means Spring energy still abounds. If September is the fresh start of Spring, October is the settling in. It means more early light - for runs,…

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