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Video Introduction & Stoicism

Today I shot a video instead of writing a blog post. You can watch it here. It is just over 3 minutes. I had just listened to a class on…

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October 2020 Challenges

It is October which means Spring energy still abounds. If September is the fresh start of Spring, October is the settling in. It means more early light - for runs,…

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September 2020 Challenges

It is September which means Spring and fresh starts and warmer weather and new energy. This month I would like to set the intention to do less, but better. I…

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What do I want to achieve in the year ahead

Having just celebrated a birthday, I sat down to think about what I want to achieve in the year ahead. What do I want to create this year?What do I…

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August 2020 Challenges

With regards to my July challenges: HealthSun salutations - health YESA glass of water morning and evening at least - health YESRun only ONCE a week - health HMMSelfMeditation -…

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Does Strength Of Character Matter?

I was having a bad day recently when everything got too much to handle graciously. And then I rediscovered strength of character. I had tried a few of my oft-implemented…

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