Oui French

During lockdown I decided to engage my unsettled mind in various disciplines.

I worked through a daily list which included meditation, stream of consciousness writing, visualisation and reading, and I also studied French.

I am not French but do have a French name and some French lineage. And I have for many years enjoyed a love affair with the country.

So besides the digital business course mentioned in this post that I have been loving, I have also been studying French. I study for 15 mins every day and am loving the mental exercise.

I use Duolingo and honestly when my children learn languages I will send them straight there. I am learning new vocabulary and grammar and I highly recommend it.

I spent a bit of time on the French Riviera when I was younger, and my love of the language grew from there. Over the years I have studied a little and spent a few months speaking French in West Africa while traveling. So it is with great joy that I am able to continue to learn, for whenever I need it next.