Dear yoga – sorry I abandoned you. Please be patient because I’m coming back

As part of my movement towards a simpler more satisfying life, I have come to realise that I also need to consider my health.

I am 42 and currently healthy. But although we do eat pretty healthily and we spend a lot of time outdoors swimming in the sea and walking along the coast, I haven’t had an exercise routine for years.

My focus has been entirely elsewhere and never on me. So as part of the simpler life I am aiming for, I need to come back to some self love, part of which involves self-health. Because without my physical body, the rest doesn’t really matter.

I have just completed Courney’s 10 day challenge of 5 mins a day of hand on heart meditation. From today I will add a 5 minute yoga practise and instagram it too – to hold myself accountable. So much of changing a life is about being accountable and sticking to it day after day small step by small step.