December Challenges 2020

It is December, the last month of the chaotic year 2020.

I recently wrote a post called 7 Lessons I Learned From My 2020 Monthly Challenges looking back at all the 2020 challenges that I set for myself.

It was an unexpectedly positive experience. I was able to see how setting small monthly challenges can result in bigger life changes.

I would urge anyone to try it.


This month I would like to keep the word SIMPLE as my single overarching intention.

It is a busy time of year, even this year. Especially this year I want to keep my focus on my priorities. These are my family and my business.

To focus on the essentials of life by simplifying all else

I will turn to the basic principles and tools of Minimalism to keep every day consciously simple – things, purchases, schedules.

In addition I will keep in mind the practical wisdom of Stoicism to manage my reactions to life, and inform my daily decisions.

This month – DECEMBER

As previously, I have divided my monthly challenges into 4 life quadrants – Health, Self, Wealth, and Social.

    • Daily stretching – sun salutations and core exercises
    • Daily water
    • Daily supplements
    • Daily walk
    • HIIT 2 times a week
    • Run 2 times a week
  2. SELF
    • Spend a minimum of 2 hours a day on my digital business – with a focus on marketing first:
    • Be present with my children with phone away
    • Invite friends for outdoor meetups
    • Organise a neighbourhood get together
    • Keep Christmas simple

So in summary:

  • I will continue a few habits, which are now part of my day or week – meditation, journaling, visualisation, stretching, walking, water, running. Because they benefit the quality of my life.
  • I will add a few more – read a new book, supplements and HIIT. Because these are all in alignment with taking action on some of my visualisations.
  • I will improve my focus onto the priority. Because my personal challenge is marketing my work, that is where I need to focus.
  • I will hold the word SIMPLIFY in my mind in all decisions I make, the actions I take, and work I create. Because life becomes lighter like that.
me with my pup
one of my favourite pics of my pup, Holly and I

November Challenges Feedback

As I recently wrote a post looking back at all the challenges this year, I will skip this part, in the name of keeping things simple.

Save to say that I have found that the repetition of doable and positive daily actions accumulates and results in bigger and broader life changes.

Why Do I share this?

I share these posts as an invitation to get inspired, to get in touch if you want to simplify, or to join me on with monthly challenges.

I believe that some of my struggles may well be relatable to others. I hope by sharing my challenges here, it could make you feel lighter about yours.

My journey is by no means complete. I am always working on my habits, on simplifying, and on slowing down.

I have good and bad days, like most people. I have wins and challenges, like most of us. I am always learning.

I do however have an overpowering desire and a firm commitment to making life simple and beautiful. Because I believe life can be lived this way.

My blog is an invitation to refocus, to refresh, to try a simpler way. By sharing my challenges and experiences I hope to inspire others to take personal responsibility and to try to make changes in their lives.

I share pictures of the outdoors as I am extremely fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world. They are intended to uplift you with natural beauty, to promote a sense of calm, and to share pretty serene scenes. I hope they do.


Carry on learning, be gentle with yourself, and keep making progress towards creating the life that you want.

Instagram motivation and Blog sharing

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If you enjoy reading – please browse my Simple Beautiful Life blog where I write about simplifying life and challenging myself to get better at living a good life, and about running a business online, on my own terms, and according to my own values.

Your Opportunity to Start Changing Your Life

If you are feeling inspired by my story of habit and therefore life change, this is for you.

I am a 40-something year old girl who has made some decisions and taken some actions and is changing her life, simply.

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When I came across this community, I was looking for an opportunity, but I wasn’t sure what I needed or wanted.

natural beauty - coastal fynbos
noticing beauty in the small simple things
  • I didn’t realise I would be able to start a business aligned to my values and passions, from home, in my time.
  • I certainly didn’t realise what a beneficial and beautiful journey of personal growth and development I was setting out on.

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christmas stars

And to those who celebrate – have a peaceful, simple, beautiful festive season.

To your good health.

And to your creation of your simple beautiful life!

Thanks for reading.