Do You Desire A More Simple Life and More Fulfilling Work?

A few years ago I discovered minimalism, and I wondered if simplifying my life could be a better way to live. Turns out it was for me. I believe it could be for most people.

Ever since I have been simplifying the way we live and work by learning how to live with enough and challenging myself to live more simply.

Simple Lifestyle

  • I have taken part in numerous decluttering challenges,
  • signed up for minimalist courses,
  • completed the Project 333 wardrobe challenge, twice
  • I have read books,
  • watched videos,
  • read blogs and articles, and
  • listened to podcasts.

Because living simply really does make sense to me.

Focusing first on the material things in my life, minimalist philosophy soon seeped into my broader lifestyle and my life choices.

It now supports the way I choose to live, the purchases I make, the way I aim to spend my time, my work style, how I am raising my children. I have written more about this here.

Simple Work Style

A few months ago I discovered I signed up for this digital business training and started to learn digital business skills.

This type of online – laptop lifestyle – work is an extension of my expression of simplicity. I created a business where:

  • The only tools I need are my laptop and phone.
  • My schedule is flexible.
  • I get to work around my priorities – my children and my interests.
  • The work I produce I believe has value for people looking to reinvent themselves, or to change a lifestyle, or to start fresh.

A Dream Becoming Real?

Long ago a vague and visceral idea arrived in my mind:

I wanted somehow to create and share a moment of light/ of upliftment in life for people.

I didn’t know how or what exactly, but something of beauty. This idea has never left me.

The idea grew roots and recently bloomed into the notion that my purpose is to share my experiences creating a simple beautiful life in the hope that others might be inspired to do the same.

Although initially, I had thought that the moment of light or upliftment would be related to something beautifully visual, I now wonder if the ‘lightness’ that a simple life brings, could be that to which the light referred, in my original flash of inspiration!

Having now arrived at a place in my life where my interest in simplicity has met with the opportunity afforded by digital skills and online business, it seems the work I am doing could tie up somehow with my long term idea of wanting to create or help to cause an uplifting moment in peoples’ lives.

By sharing my experiences, I want to spread the word of living with simplicity in mind and with a focus on essentials.

I look forward to observing it playing out in my business. I am not at the conclusion of this idea. I am on a journey, as we all are. For me, it is developing into a journey of independence, hope, light, and fresh starts.

A journey merging simplicity, family, and business.

For Those Who Desire A More Simple Life and More Fulfilling Work

If anyone is interested to learn more about minimalism and simplicity, have a look at my top 3. They have all been writing about minimalism and simplicity for years. Below are links to one book by each of them:

Regarding my business – it turns out that my decision to start learning digital skills was a very good one.

  • Besides learning real digital skills,
  • the personal growth I am experiencing is profound.
  • I love getting reacquainted with myself I am again.
  • I love the feeling of growth and expansion.
  • I love all the learning (although it can be overwhelming at times)
  • I love being part of a vibrant and supportive entrepreneurial community.

I am getting back on track to me after I lost my identity for a while.

If anyone would like to know more about how I got started, do get in touch.

It might just be the best decision you ever make.