Do You Want a Better Quality of Life?

What does Quality of Life Mean to You?

It means different things to different people.

To me it means:

  • being able to choose how I spend my time
  • working hard, but also resting
  • practising self-care
  • taking care of my health
  • creating a life where I am available for my children,
  • spending time with friends
  • spending time alone
  • getting outdoors every day to appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • investing in MYSELF!

As my main priority is my children, I want to work around their schedules, and from home. So I invested in myself and learned the digital skills necessary to start my own online business – so I could do this.

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Love this pic, taken a few years ago. They have more hair now & I have more grey hair.

Quality of Life in the 4 Quadrants

It helps me to look at my quality of life using the 4 quadrants of life:

  • health
  • self
  • social
  • wealth

I am clear on the essentials in my life:

  • good health (health) LIFESTYLE
  • time outdoors (self) LIFESTYLE
  • meditation (self) MINDSET
  • my family (social) LIFESTYLE
  • financial stability (wealth) BUSINESS

A fairly equal spread over the 4 quadrants should indicate a good quality of life.

Once I started learning this, I began intentionally to set up my life so that I am ticking my personal boxes. I list below some of the changes I have made or habits I now incorporate:


hydration – because I have always been bad at drinking enough water

regular exercise – running, stretching, walking

regular health checkups – as I am in my 40’s and need to care for 2 young people


self-care which means self-love which gives you permission to do something you love regularly (within reason & causing no harm to others) – note to those who need to hear this: self-care is NOT a selfish practice.

willpower to get a habit to form (66 days) according to Gary Keller in The One Thing. I regularly challenge myself to change small habits to better ones.

regular meditation – every day!

focus, clarity in my life’s direction and purpose

rest – which is a vital part of a good quality life.


getting outdoors to lift the spirits

meeting friends and family to connect


creating something of my own that I consider beautiful and valuable. You can do this too. Just add your email below and you will receive FREE training to get you started.

I want my own independent business to be all about supporting you to improve the quality of your life through simple consistent shifts and ongoing learning.

Now that I know this – it is now for me to create this message and spread it around loudly.

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Are you interested in improving your quality of life?

If you are interested in working on you quality of life – there are many small ways to do this:

  • Setting up a routine is key. 
  • Making small habit changes, with some form of accountability.
  • Taking time to pause and rest in your day.
  • Investing in yourself!
  • Learning new skills, and experiencing personal growth by taking part in challenges, by creating something you love, by upping your independence and rekindling your joie de vivre.

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I can help

I can help. This is something I have wanted to be able to say for so long, but I held onto the worn-out belief that I didn’t have much of value to offer. Anyone else suffer from a lack of self-belief, under-value?!

The training I have been doing has gradually convinced me to see the value in my journey, and being in my 40’s I have a few years of life experience under my belt.

Like many of you –

  • I am a woman
  • I am in a relationship
  • I have children
  • I work in a support capacity – not the star role

For a long time I felt –

  • undervalued
  • unheard
  • directionless
  • frustrated
  • in a fog
  • lost
  • ashamed of who I had become
  • disempowered
  • unsure of what to do with my life, but believing there was more “out there”
  • outdated and underskilled
  • as if I were playing small
  • guilty for some of the feelings of wanting more, when I knew I already had so much
  • scared of success in case it meant it took me away from my role as the primary caregiver
  • afraid of upsetting the balance if I created my own, independent work
  • and more

But now, I am starting to believe I can help.

I can help

  • those of you who believe in quality of life
  • those of you who are looking for direction
  • those of you who believe simplicity is a good choice
  • those of you who want to try or increase your meditation practice
  • those of you who want to try to make some habit changes and would like some accountability
  • those of you who feel they need to learn new skills
  • those of you who feel lost, as if you are living in a fog through which you can’t clearly see
  • those of you who need to re-kindle your identity
  • those of you who want to start fresh
  • who want to increase your self-knowledge
  • who want to build your self-confidence
  • and share your unique gifts with the waiting world
I can even overlay 2 images in Canva! Who knew? So I can help with that too! This is us on our wedding day.

So if you are interested in getting in touch – add your email to the link below and we can chat.

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