Energy flows where attention goes

So… having taken the first few steps towards a more simple life, I am finding that more and more falls into place to support the choice.  My priorities are becoming clearer. My decision making is therefore becoming easier. With every step towards a life filled with more of that which matters and less of that which doesn’t, the path opens up more clearly.

Having allowed myself close to zero ‘me’ time over the past 6 years (that’s 2190 days) – I have now started putting theory into practice and have started to add a few things that I love back into my life. I have started dancing at Nia class on a Saturday morning. I have started yoga again. Our family recently took part in a rain dance on the beach at sunset – with a crowd of enthusiastic strangers listening to beautiful music.

And here I am writing this post on a slow Sunday morning, sitting on the sofa with my girls, while they watch Stick Man.

“Energy flows where attention goes” – I find it very interesting to observe how the path unfolds as my attention is focused there.  I decided to start decluttering and to start living more intentionally. I have read and continue to read a lot about a life life lived more simply. And little by little I observe my own life transform into that which I want. It’s an organic and steady process, a slow deep authentic metamorphosis: We have slowed down. I am shedding possessions. I am opening up space both at home and embracing it in my schedule.  I am permitting myself the white space to which Brian Gardner frequently refers.  I am excited to see where it leads.