“Everything changes when you think about it, there’s not much you can do about it”

Song words by Black. The rest of the song goes off in a direction other than the one brought to my mind…

So recently it seems like a lot of my good friends have or are planning on leaving SA. It has been making me feel nervous and restless, because I want to go some place too. Somewhere far away from the norm. Somewhere exotic and new.

Which made me think about why and how and about my old patterns and consider potential new patterns.

Why is answered easily enough. I love to travel and to have new experiences. I tire of too much same.

How involved research. I started looking into the Green School in Bali and other exotic options to entertain my restless flighty nature.

My old patterns involved change – new houses, new jobs, hell, new careers, new places to travel, new subjects to study. I still study and try new careers, but for the past half decade I have been based in SA.

Considering potential new patterns is the part where I should rest my focus. It is also the part where my explorations of a simple more minimal life are stepping in to offer advice. What if I didn’t change just because everyone else is. What if I stopped comparing my life to others. What if instead I took a few deep breaths to steady my nerves, practised gratitude for exactly where I am now, and concentrated on making the present reality the best it can be for me and my family. Now THIS would be something new and unknown.

So along with this blog journalling the journey of my move to a more considered life – comes an exercise in my sitting still and appreciating all that is, as it is, now. It has been interesting to see how much I am influenced by others’ journeys. Interesting to learn how flighty I really am. I’m ready to take a chance at the drop of a hat. If I could channel some of my restless energy into something positive, I may find some peace with my daily existence.

Everything changes; this is the one constant. So keeping that in mind, and spending my energy on creating a beautiful simple life instead of making plans to escape, perhaps I will begin to find some peace in this bold new way of living.