Homemade Kombucha

Recently I made my first batch of lemon-flavoured kombucha. And it turned out ok I think.

Making it was not a simple process for me, but it was certainly a worthwhile process. It was a lesson in following instructions from start to end. Thanks to my friend Sue. It was a lesson, importantly, in patience. Not my forte. And it was a big reminder of the point of this blog – creating a simple beautiful life and living simple, living slow.

Because kombucha takes time. It is a process that cannot be rushed. And it makes a batch, but it is a finite amount. So it reminded me not to take it for granted. It is like growing veg. When we grew salad and ate salad, we ate less. Now when we drink kombucha, we drink less. Less overconsumption, less waste, and a bit more effort, and dare I say pride in the outcome.

Next, I seem to be slipping towards a Mediterranean diet. Linked to this – I would love a big fruity olive tree and a lemon tree as well. We do already have an olive and a lemon tree, but living in this coastal windy sandy place – things grow slowly. Middle age seems to be guiding me towards homemade and ever more simple. And so far I am enjoying the process.

Are you craving simpler, slower days? If so, I created this freebie for you. Here are my tried and tested systems for creating better days for me and my family. A framework to prepare for the day, to pause in the day, to create focused, intentional days, and to reflect on the days.

Here it is – the Scattered to Serene systems.

fresh garden salad with edible blossoms
fresh garden salad