How my life has changed since starting my digital education

During lockdown, when our business in events was shut down, I decided to take the plunge and learn some new and relevant skills.

So I signed up for this free training and began what is turning out to be a life-changing journey.

  • I have direction and purpose.
  • I am inspired.
  • I wake up each morning with a sense of creative urgency.
  • I retire to bed at night with feelings of satisfaction, or fatigue, but movement.

We all are on our own unique journeys and all have our own particular set of circumstances.

I signed up and began studying the modules in late March, so I am heading into my 4th month of being a part of this positive and supportive community.

I spent part of our coronavirus lockdown studying, as our other business was shut down. I have 2 young children who I needed to school at home. I have a home to run. So I made use of what time I had to study and learn and read and listen, and grow.

These days I have a business to-do list that never gets any shorter, but I am always learning and sharing what I learn, and I am incredibly motivated by the items on this list.

I enjoy the work, so I don’t find it hard to apply myself, but I also take full responsibility for my life and I consciously take time off. I strive to live a life with balance: being present with my family, while I learn about business, and apply what I learn in the digital business space.

I believe that what I am learning has great value. I believe that we will be doing business in the online space for many years to come. If AI replaces us, then we will have to pivot, but until then I believe having the skills at our fingertips to create and run an online business, is very important. In fact, it is vital to do business now.

I am interested in a range of subjects, and the range seems to expand every day. I always have a new video or book or article on my waiting list.

I have moments of fear, and times when I doubt that I will earn enough to support my family.

I have moments of elation when I hear of someone like me who created her businesses, just like me, and made a success of it. The logic assures me that I can too.

I am taking steps every day and because of this, my small business is building.

My worst and best moments come when I compare myself to others. Self-doubt accompanies comparison every time, but I am also on a path of refreshing my mindset, so I am increasingly able to swing myself back from despair, to hope.

I have come this far.

I am excited about the future of my business. I spend time visualising the future me, and I am looking forward to meeting her.

I am interested and open to seeing where it will lead. I won’t be surprised if I will look back in 5 years to see that I have created something of which I have not yet thought.

I found the digital skills course to be clear and well planned out. I continue to learn so much from the team and the community.

I strive to create quality and to send out material, or content, whether on my Instagram page or in this blog, that creates good somewhere, that inpires a moment of light somehow, that benefits people somehow and inspires them to grab hold of the proverbial reins and create their own fabulous lives.

Because I am, and you can.

Please do get in touch if you are interested and I would be happy to send you the free training videos.

Pic taken from my desk