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How To Live More Like A Dog

Recently I posted on Instagram that I aspired to be more like a dog.

The idea seemed to appeal to people, so I thought I would share it here too, by way of reminder.

let's be more like a dog - simple, joyful

Here is the post:

The longer I live with these 2 dogs, the more I feel I should model more of my life on their example.
Like them, I should –

  • let my friends & family know that I am REALLY pleased to see them
  • show my boundless enthusiasm for the simple things – like biscuits and walks
  • get lots of exercise and fresh air
  • and then rest when I am tired
  • dance & wag my whole body regularly
  • let so much stuff go
  • ask people to play with me, and if they won’t just be happy to play on my own
  • just enjoy life more

It has come to the time of year when we look backwards and forwards, and I so, looking forwards, I am feeling inspired to simplify 2022 even more.

Looking Forwards

Just like dogs, I feel we could all be open to more simple joy in our days, and I feel we could all breathe a little lighter.

Perhaps in this regard, we could all try to aim to be more like a dog; lie in a patch of sunlight, run in the fresh air, eat a meal with gusto, or jump in the sea with joy, unworried about how we look in our swimming costume.

Next year I want to lessen the load of life further. I want to be very clear about my priorities and live according to these, and these alone.

I have relatively recently realised the importance of my making myself a priority. So I will prioritise myself, and my children, as always. I will also be prioritising the cohesiveness of our family, which always needs attention.

Michelle Obama knew about the importance of prioritising ourselves, and this is what she said:

“If you do not take control over your time and your life, other people will gobble it up. If you don’t prioritize yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list.”

Michelle Obama

The past 2 years have shown us more clearly what matters to us and who we are. Our values have become more clear, as have our aspirations. For many of us, we have had a chance to hit refresh with our limits and boundaries, and are emerging more honest, and more our authentic selves.

I feel this is a positive outcome, and we should move forwards with our new honesty.

We Have Choices

Times have been and continue to be tough at the moment for many of us. Most of us have had to change and adapt and face loss and uncertainty. I wrote a post a year ago about this.

Gloomy predictions for life abound. But I feel we need to try to remember a few simple tools to keep life lighter because I believe that to a large extent we can choose how we face life.

Returning to the dog theme – my dogs are always happy to see me when I return home. They could choose to sulk at being left at home, but they choose joy. Instead of being bored and sad at being home, they relax and rest, until it is walk-time when they choose to explode with happiness!

So let’s aim to live like a dog. Let’s choose a joyful life. Let’s create light moments amidst the chaos and gloom.

We need to remember to –

  • fight being lead by fear, and choose to live led by curiosity
  • practise gratitude for simple things, every day, and
  • be aware of all the abundance we do have – in all areas of our lives

Michelle Obama also spoke about making decisions, but not based on fear, and rather based on hope and possibility. I like this take on life.

“Don’t ever make decisions based on fear. Make decisions based on hope and possibility. Make decisions based on what should happen, not what shouldn’t.”

Michelle Obama

What Is Really Important To You?

Dogs have a very simple idea of what is important to them; food, love and outings. Going forwards, I aim to be more like a dog in this regard.

I want to remember, every day what is really important to me, because I would rather not live with regrets of missing out on memorable moments due to my own apathy, lack of awareness, or my poor choices.

My children are growing up and my parents are growing old, and they are all lovely. This is a gem of a time for seizing opportunities to enjoy moments with them that won’t be here forever; before they are grown and gone.

I am convinced, from reading others’ thoughts, and from life experience, that these are the things that will really matter when we look back. I am pretty sure that a clean and tidy house and a dealt-with inbox will not hold the same value to me as brief moments in the proverbial sun with loved ones.

So let us choose the simple option – so we can have time for the things that really matter, those fleeting moments of light that mean so much to us all.

Let us remember to be a little more like a dog in our daily dealings with others – so we can enjoy life more!

I created a simple checklist called Scattered to Serene to help you get started prioritising yourself and setting yourself up for having good and more enjoyable days!

As always thanks for reading.

I am off to go and lie on the floor with my dogs for a moment.