How to start an online business

There are so many opportunities available to work online. And never has the time been better than to move over to an online business.

My starting story

I had no marketing, sales, or digital experience when in 2020, I joined an online community to learn how to start my own business.

All I had was a willingness to learn new skills and a commitment to start something new, of my own.

I had no idea what I wanted to create, who I wanted to serve, how to do this, or were to start.

But I entered one of the most wonderfully supportive and positive communities of educators, entrepreneurs and business owners, and it has been an expansively eye-opening journey so far.

I signed up and started learning digital skills because I wanted to work from home and spend time raising my children. For me, it was time for a change, and I was excited by the prospect of starting and growing my own online business, but I had no idea where to begin.

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I have learnt that people join the community for all sorts of reasons:

  • Some are like me and are starting from scratch.
  • Some people already have their own online business going, but it has not yet met their expectations, so they are looking for some guidance.
  • And some already have a successful business, but want to learn how to grow it.

I was admittedly sceptical at first. I am someone who likes to research an unknown thoroughly before making an intuitive decision!

I knew nothing about online education or digital marketing. Also, I was not overly supported by those close to me, because they were also not familiar with the online world. Since having spent some time in the community, and having heard other members’ stories, I understand that this is a fairly common experience, which we learn to overcome – along with overcoming many other blocks and triggers – through the mindset work.

Learning about Mindset

Because besides the digital skills training, and ongoing webinars on a host of topics, and access to thousands of courses – for me it has been the mindset and personal growth education that has been the most impactful – to my life, to my sense of self, to my relationships, to my lifestyle.

The SFM spend a great deal of time on personal development. Without developing a robust entrepreneurial mindset, all the digital skills in the world are not likely to stack up to a successful business.

Besides the comprehensive training, the company culture, and the uniquely supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, there are ongoing challenges and accountability partner options – to motivate and inspire and push you and keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Truly – anyone can learn the skills required to start and run a business. For me, it has been the personal evolution that has been the most powerful agent for change.

I am no digital expert, so I am not the one to teach digital skills. Looking back, however, I am amazed at what I have learnt and how my confidence has grown in this space. I could be the one to guide through overwhelm and information overload towards what it takes to start an online business, as simply as possible.

One of my own growth examples

Like many other people I am immensely uncomfortable in front of a camera.

So in the name of progress and bravery and new business gung-ho-ness – I committed to LEAP out of my comfort zone and take part in the 90-day video challenge offered by the community. One is asked to make a short video of oneself and post it on the community Facebook page, which is a safe and supportive members-only space.

I was uncomfortable and shy and awkward and many other human characteristics – but I did it.

It boosted my self-confidence like nothing else and gave me wings to step out of my comfort zone when other new opportunities arose. And now – I shoot Reels on Instagram most days, where I put myself in front of the world spreading my message of simplicity and quality of life and self-investment.

Here I am on a video I made for an Ad last year.

a video of me, by me

I have:

  • grown from a quiet observer to someone who is slowly starting to increase her self belief. And the value of that is priceless.
  • learned technical skills and am still working on improving them. Everything is a work in progress, but there is progress!
  • built a website.
  • improved my blog writing skills.
  • clarified who I am and what I stand for.
  • an active Instagram brand where I continue to learn and improve and shift and grow – my grid and stories and reels and guides,
  • learned canva skills (an amazing design tool),
  • become aware of automation skills (via planning and scheduling tool Planoly),
  • and more…

And so much more, every day because there is always more to learn which means there is always room to grow.

Some intangible reasons to start an online business

So when I promote starting your own online business – (I speak from personal experience. I am a fairly normal person who has committed to learning a new way) – it is with genuine belief in the abundant good it will bring. Yes, profit too, in time. But equally valuable – are the less tangible aspects:

  • empowerment
  • identity
  • direction
  • inspiration
  • hope
  • positive role model
  • personal value
  • self-knowledge
  • personal growth

So if you like the sound of all this – add your name and email to the form above or below and start watching the introductory videos, just like I did.

Then watch the personal stories of members of the community – real people, like you and I, who have decided to invest in themselves, back themselves, learn new skills, and start their own online businesses – and change their lives for the better!

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It might just change your life.

Thanks for reading.