I have just signed up for Sea Change

Sea Change is the habit changing programme from Leo Babauta at Zen Habits. Here it is. In Leo’s words –

Sea Change is about changing your entire life one habit at a time.

Leo Babauta

It is a programme for which I wasn’t ready when I first tried a few years back, but now I feel the time is right as I am in a period of flux and movement.

I am interested to see how it works as I find myself currently in an expansive period. I am open to change and experience and new direction. I am in a fundamentally good and explorative place.

So I have signed up, and joined up and downloaded Slack on laptop and phone and downloaded Zoom. I have never used Slack. It seems a pretty comprehensive tool. Since I last collaborated it seems online collaboration tools have come a long way. And somewhere since I took a break from chatting via my laptop, it seems Zoom has taken over as the new Skype.

I love learning new systems.

And now I begin.