inspiration, a moment of clarity

I have just spent the evening signed up and tuned in to a workshop on Doing Less by Kate Northrup. Her ideas are novel and interesting and worthwhile and new to me, as I have not yet read her book – although I have followed her for a while on instagram.

She is offering a whole new way for women to do business. In tune with nature and cycles, rhythms and seasons, creativity, rest and energy ebbs and flows. A way where we can achieve business success and importantly also be available for those we care about, and care for. A way of doing business where we can most importantly care for ourselves.

While reading an excerpt from her book afterwards I was struck by a line she wrote while describing her “Egg Wisdom” – this is a phenomenon she learned about from her mother Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of best selling book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

Here is the line from Kate’s book “This is the feminine way. The feminine nurtures, heals, beautifies, and improves everything around her.”

I have been doing a fair amount of reading and researching to increase my self-knowledge of late. So it was into this context that this sentence landed.

A friend told me that I am very feminine the other day which I wrote about here. And I am looking to create a new work for myself. So I am fertile ground for new ideas.

In tandem with Kate Northrup’s ideas, earlier today I was re-reading the results of my Primary Archetype test from Cerries Mooney (honest business guidance for conscious entrepreneurs).

Cerries offers some very clear, simple, honest advice about growing a business and what to offer and who might need it and how to get it to them. She says “most of all, you grow a business by becoming intensely aware of who you are, and how you feel”. I love this.

Having taken her test it turns out that I am an Explorer.

So I assembled some of her pointers and quite a few of the points resonated with me because this is the kind of work I need to create for myself. As an Explorer:

  • I am about finding a better world, both inside and out.
  • I need to follow my heart – no matter what the consequences.
  • For me authenticity is essential
  • My greatest gift to the world is inspiring those around me to be true to themselves, and giving us all permission to follow our own individual path – no matter what the cost.
  • And that I often have a hard time committing to any one direction. (Ain’t that the truth). 
  • One of the key challenges for the Explorer brand is focus.

Much of this is supported by my Enneagram 7 Enthusiastic Visionary type too.

And then Cerries says – “The best way to make sure your Explorer brand flourishes is to identify the main thread that runs throughout your work (whatever form it takes), and tie each of your offerings back to the main thread. Don’t worry if the main thread is quite abstract (‘helping someone find happiness on their own terms’ is totally acceptable) – you’ll find that as your business grows, it will naturally begin to find its own way.”

So…. I put the 2 streams together

  • from Cerries: to identify the main thread that runs throughout my work and tie each of my offerings back to it.
  • from Kate: the feminine nurtures, heals, beautifies, and improves everything around her.

Do I have the beginnings of some kind of business of my very own? Something feminine about making a better world, more simplicity, more beauty and inspiring women around me to be authentic and true to themselves? Thank you Kate and Cerries for the nudge!

So – as I have always used this blog to record and experiment my changing life – I thought I would try something new, aligned to who I am right now. I will post a few of the random subjects that I read about, and see if together assembled in the blog, they start to form some kind of cohesive theme. It will definitely be varied, definitely catered, but also very authentic me. And I wonder if the themes will centre around a better world, leaning towards the feminine. Something simple and beautiful?