Our children learn lessons, we leave a legacy

I have realised the importance of having a WHY in all that we do.

This is linked to success. Knowing why you want what you want will strengthen your resolve. It is the driving force behind your getting into action on your goals.

No doubt like many parents, my WHY is my daughters.

With them in mind, I aim:

  • to model being a decent person,
  • to model a life of work but also fun and rest
  • to create a simple lifestyle.
  • to create good, quality work.
  • to be a leader, for my girls, and my customers.
  • and especially to create a healthy integration of work I love with being present with my girls.

They see me:

  • working hard,
  • pushing through when I sometimes don’t feel like it,
  • learning every day,
  • focusing on me,
  • loving what I do, even though it is sometimes hard
  • persevering,
  • pushing through personal blocks and struggles.

I am demonstrating every day, the need to face oneself and accept oneself, good and bad.

And for me this gives my work even more purpose.

I started work for me. I was looking for independence, I was searching for identity.

But on the journey I learned that I am doing it as much for them as for me: my legacy and their growth; through my growth and their learning.

But on the journey I learned that I am doing it as much for them as for me: my legacy and their growth; through my growth and their learning.

My raisons d’être

First born

Bookworm, observer, big-hearted, lover of words, music, dance and mountains. And one of the reasons I am building my own business. Modelling independence, learning, starting fresh, and sharing my experiences with her. ❤

Last born

Lover of unicorns, friends, animals, food and the ocean. And the other reason I am building my own business. Modelling independence, learning, a growth mindset, and sharing my experiences, both challenging and joyful with her too. ❤

Last day of our long summer holidays coming up. She starts class 1 this year! 💗

Spread the Good of Learning New Skills

Like many others, 2020 booted me uncomfortably out of my comfort zone. It also motivated me, out of necessity to start my digital business, which I have written more about here.

Turns out it was just what I needed.

I have learnt about learning and leadership, and life purpose.

I have my WHY in mind, and I am aware my girls are watching all that I do. I am demonstrating:

  • Learning – about online business, which I love. You can too just by adding your email address and receiving FREE, amazing, potentially life-changing training.
  • Learning – about writing – I love my blog, a link to which is here.
  • Learning – about messaging – I post regularly in Instagram here.
  • Learning – about myself, and I have experienced transformational levels of personal growth and evolution.
  • Learning – about holistic nature of everything in life – the fact that this personal growth has affected my relationships positively, my outlook on life, my decisions…
  • Learning – about sharing and giving and spreading the joy of my journey by being an affiliate for the company who set me on my way with their high-level education and support.

You can demonstrate your leadership for yourself, your family, your followers too.

If you are ready to start heading in some new direction (even if you don’t yet know what it is) – add your email to the red button below and watch the free videos you will receive.

They are very likely to inspire you!

This is a recently recorded webinar discussing opportunities available in this time we are in.

Inspired To Lead

It might sound like ego too. But what it is for me, is motivation.

They inspire me to aspire to a loftier outcome than I can see while sitting at my desk writing content.

They, my WHY, speaks to me personally and gives me a sense of purpose in all that I do and choose to do.

They inspire me to live well.

Anyone else motivated to do inspiring work to lead by example for your children?

Tell us how!