intuition vs fear

Recently a friend strongly recommended that I read First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Story about Anxiety – by Sarah Wilson. So I did, and as I did I realised it was all about coping with anxiety, and I wondered why my friend had suggested I read it. And then a friend described me as anxious. And this was just not an adjective I had ever linked to me.

And so in my 40’s I began to think that perhaps they have a point, and perhaps I am in part a fearful person. Or I created it by focusing on it more? Increasingly as I age, I do seem to be becoming a more anxious person – worried about possible future scenarios, living close to and being emotionally affected by violent crime, no longer listening to the news due to over sensitivity to negativity.

And I have wondered at times wether I am overreacting in a given situation due to a response to my guiding intuition, or actually due to a heightened sense of personal safety – out of fear.

So as #projecthappiness delivered this reminder in my inbox a few days ago, I googled the difference and this is what I found (source unknown):

Intuition being neutral, unemotional, whereas fear is highly emotionally charged. Reliable intuition feels right, it has a compassionate, affirming tone to it. It confirms that you are on target, without having an overly positive or negative feel to it. Fear is often anxious, dark or heavy.

And this is what I found when I searched – Can gut feelings be wrong? (source unknown):

We feel a lot of things in our gut. For these reasons, yes, a gut feeling can be wrong A LOT. Our emotions are useful, powerful motivators and informers, but they should never be in charge. Emotions are meant to inform our decisions, like clues for the mind to investigate and resolve.

I assume intuition becomes better and clearer with practise of using it. Although living in South Africa as we do, we do live with higher levels of crime and resultant fear than in some places. And raising children only amplifies this. Still, the way we teach our children to stay safe is to equip them with tools. I hear myself talking to my girls about listening to their intuition. And children do seem to be better connected to their heart feelings, or stomach feelings.

It has always been my intention with this blog to remain positive. My focus is on creating and sustaining a simple and beautiful life for myself and my family. But it seems relevant somehow that the intangible aspects of such a life also come into it.

A reason to stay present, using tools such as meditation. A reason to create simplicity in mind, body and soul however and whenever possible. And a reason to breathe, appreciate our surrounding beauty, and cultivate compassion.

“A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.” So I shall prioritise cultivating a quiet mind regardless.