Joanne Milne

Jo is a friend of mine who used to be a physiotherapist, became a mum and then an artist. She creates the most exquisitely detailed and colourful work of local fauna and flora, seascapes and more.

She paints with acrylic on canvas. She also produces finely detailed pencil drawings and has done some etching and print making.

I love her work because

Her work is bright and beautiful. It gently and persuasively draws the eye and is very easy to live with.

One of Jo’s proteas sits in my home. I love it. The blue background has a luminous quality which gives it depth, and the flower looks so real that it almost looks fake.

Her sunbirds are iridescent and perfectly proportioned.

Her seascapes are photographic and seem to have a still quality about them, like she has captured a brief and passing moment.

Even her scenes of rural Scotland have a quiet, gentle feel.


You can find Jo on instagram at and online at