Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist is about to (continue to) change my life

I have just started the Spring edition of Uncluttered – Joshua Becker’s 12 week course which walks one though clearing out the clutter to make space for what really matters in life. Although it’s autumn here, it’s still a great time to undertake some sizeable spring cleaning. Why? Because in a Cape Town winter nothing happens. Our businesses hibernate, and no one socialises, and the weather is well-suited to being indoors throwing stuff out, or donating to people in need of warm things.

I am keen to get started and have watched a few intro videos already and am struck by how much of a focus he has on finances. Living pay cheque to pay cheque is a lifestyle habit he describes and unfortunately one which I know well, and although I realise it is a very risky way to live, I seem unable to get on top of my finances. I can’t wait to be given some guidance about taking control of money and moving firmly to living the life I want. And the type of life I want to live is only recently starting to emerge from the fog of young children and fairly young businesses.  Even a few months ago I wasn’t sure how I wanted to spend my time here on our beautiful planet. Now some of my dreams are solidifying and I have a firmer idea of what I need to get to live a simple beautiful life.

I need more nature time, more mountains, to see old friends, to spend time with some new friends, to visit family near and far, to create my own business using some of the skills I have learnt over a lifetime of various careers. And to be present with my young and quickly growing children.