July 2020 Challenges

With regards to my June challenges – it was a fairly good month:

  1. Health
    1. Sun salutations – health YES
    2. A glass of water morning and evening at least – health YES
    3. Run 2 x a week. But we have been cycling most days UM
  2. Self
    1. Meditation – spirituality YES
    2. French – 15 minutes YES
    3. Blinkist – 1 book a day – or some reading-learning YES
  3. Wealth
    1. Launch my own digital business! YES
  4. Social
    1. Make some new connections and contact some old UM

Again my regular running is not happening. I have dropped down to once a week. We have had lockdown school holidays on top of lockdown – so an abundance of free time has not been my reality of late.

In good news – we have all upgraded and /repaired our bicycles – so we have been riding around the village almost every day.

Other than that my daily rhythm is mostly in tact. I am meditating daily, drinking water daily, and doing my stretching daily.

I am on day 72 of uninterrupted French and am enjoying learning a little more every day.

Regarding my aim of letting stuff go – it continues to be challenging for me. I am however conscious of it.

And regarding my online business course

I have sent my dear business baby out there and am learning more and more about what I need to learn!

  • I am loving the learning and the community.
  • I am sending out Simple Beautiful Instagram messages of simplicity and living according to priorities.
  • I am attending some of the very valuable webinars and info sharing sessions that are hosted.
  • I am working on my website.
  • I am constantly learning about myself and my particular challenges in starting my own business.
  • I am feeling alive and interested in all of it.

If you are interested in seeing what I am up to and loving being a part of – have a look at this video.

This month – July – the middle of winter – I intend to go inwards a bit more and focus on my business. I will still however be working on the 4 areas of life: health, wealth, self, and social.

These all support my chosen creation of a simple and beautiful life, based on those basic principles of Minimalism:

  1. Health
    • Sun salutations
    • A glass of water morning and evening at least
    • Run 2 x a week
  2. Self
    • Meditation – spirituality
    • French – 15 minutes of brain gym
    • Some learning – Blinkist or Medium or a podcast or video
    • Visualize my future
    • Write a minimum of 1 page of free-flow creative writing
    • Take photos of my beautiful local haunts
    • Some quiet fun activity with the girls
  3. Wealth
    • Spend 2 hours minimum a day on my digital business
  4. Social
    • Focus on social media this month!


Sun Salutations – daily

Water – daily

Run – back up to twice a week. No excuses


Meditation – daily. With gratitude to my accountability women

French – tous les jours (daily) – merci Duolingo

Some learning – Blinkist or Medium or a podcast or video – I commit to reading 1 book a day – Blinkist or an article on Medium or anything else personal development or business or marketing-related. Learning every day.

Visualize – the future me, at the helm of my business, living a good and simple life, surrounded by beauty and quality and loved ones.

Write a minimum of 1 page of free-flow creative writing – because it helps my mind to flow, and because it can spark ideas, or help process anything I am finding challenging.

Take photos of my beautiful local haunts – because I have decided to use more and more of my own images in my business, to make it my own.

Some quiet, restful and connection-inducing activity with the girls – like reading Harry Potter, or colouring in, or drawing while chatting.


Online business – my new baby is out in the wide world. This month I will be focusing on social media and marketing. I commit to a minimum of 2 hours a day pouring energy into my business.


This month I am focusing on my business.

  • I will be more active in the online community of which I am part.
  • I will be learning about social media and upping my game.
  • I will be listening to 2 webinars a week – minimum.