Law of Attraction

I have been using the Covid-19 lockdown period to join a wonderful online community and learn new skills and do some self-improvement.

One of the concepts with which I came into contact during this time was the Law of Attraction. And today this article from MBG arrived in my inbox which provides an easy to digest summary of this powerful law.

The Law which is all about the power of positivity, arrived in my life at such a great time, while we pretty much lost a business and were feeling very stressed, as we juggled employees and government grant applications and made plans for the near future. It gave me hope and provided something good on which to focus.

Some of the tools mentioned in the attached article were echoed in the digital skills course I am doing (and very much enjoying).

  • Visualisation is one of them.
  • Gratitude is another tool.
  • And awareness of synchronicity is another.

I have been keeping a form of gratitude journal for a while. Every evening I mentally list 3 things for which I am grateful. And every evening there are so many more than 3. In fact I sometimes include the girls in the gratitude practise asking them to list 3 things that made them happy in the day, and 1 sad experience, if they had one. They often comment that I have more than 3 happy things to list. A powerful and mind-altering few minutes in the day.

I am now working on incorporating a daily practise of visualisation. The vision seems to be partly coming from without me. I see myself as a shorter-haired well dressed woman. And my vision is developing complete with scents, feelings, temperature and small material objects in my surrounds as I see myself. It is an interesting and worthwhile process.

I am also trying to be more mindful of and keeping an eye out for synchronicities. The more I notice them, the more they happen, or simply they happen and I am now noticing them more. ?

I would highly recommend these 3 practices. They are simple to add in to the day and I am finding that they are adding interesting dimensions to my experience of a day.

  • Visualization
  • Gratitude
  • Synchronicity awareness