Leo Babauta – The Power of Getting Clarity

Leo Babauta has a way of sending through an article that speaks to me exactly where I am in a process.

He has just done it again with his article The Power of Getting Clarity.

He sets out his experience and steps to action – which I love. And he makes the point that motion is always good. Once one is in motion, things have a way of unfolding. It is getting stuck that we want to avoid.

Once we have some clarity on how we want to live, who we want to be, what we want to achieve, our goals in work and in our relationships – we can start to live within a framework and with a plan.

It is simple and practical and actionable.

And I find it interesting that I have been doing some of what Leo writes about here in my own quest to make small changes and improve my life.

I have a list which I aim to get through every day.

I don’t always get through it. But I don’t beat myself up about that because I believe in leaving space for each different day to develop. It serves as a guideline for me and I find great value in the practices.

And on hard days it can be that to which I cling as it asks me to keep moving forward taking small steps.

Here it is:

  • sun salutations & core
  • meditate
  • glass of water
  • pause – play or rest
  • write – 2 pages and/or blog post
  • sun salutations & core. This is for my herniated disc with which I battled last year. Although it taught me about (enforced) pause and rest, this year I am taking steps to strengthen my core to help support my back, and thus my life.
  • meditate. Possibly the most life-changing addition to my days which is making me more mindful of everything that happens every day.
  • glass of water. Because I know it is good for me so it is an action of self-love.
  • pause – play or rest. A recent addition to the list which I am finding challenging because my days are busy and a juggle between work and family. I am persevering as it is worthwhile to take a break to lift me out of detail and into some perspective.
  • write – 2 pages and/or blog post. For me getting the words out of my swirling mind and onto paper creates space to think and fresh ideas.
photo of me by my niece Maya