lost and found

I lost my blog on the weekend while I was changing themes and messing around on WordPress.  But then I found it again with the help of my dear hosting company Afrihost.

I started this blog in part to improve my online skills – WordPress, MailChimp, social media, blogging etc… But even though I believed I would somehow get my blog back – I realised that if the whole thing disappeared  – I really didn’t mind. I’d just start again.

There are 2 possible reasons for this  –

1. my content is so inane that I really thought I would start again and create fresh and much more beautiful prose.

2. my belief in Minimalim and lack of attachment to physical stuff is moving from the theoretical realm into the real. This is a far more palatable option.

As in my experience every cloud does seem to come with a silver lining, once my site was restored I switched themes and played around more and have settled on a more creative, rather than corporate theme. So the exercise has become one of self-knowledge too.

One day I will admit to the wide open sky that I am indeed a creative, and proud. Until then I’ll continue to appreciate the dawn and the twilight and the beauty of everything in between.