Minimalist Gift Inspiration – For Days

I just read an article in Mind Body Green about gifts for Minimalists.

I am always interested in companies offering new ideas and like to know what is out there in the world wider than my small seaside community – I am utterly inspired by the new way of thinking – and as such remain resolute positive about the future and the ability of us to think creatively to solve some of the problems we have created on our dear planet Earth.

Because I live in South Africa, usually I am too far away from the US to take advantage of the ideas. But they certainly serve to inspire. Have a look at this one:

For Days

A company which caters to sustainable style and non-ownership of t-shirts… 100% Organic / Zero Waste / Recyclable

From their website:

For Days is zero waste, closed loop apparel company. Our mission is to eliminate clothing waste and closet clutter. When you buy a tee, it comes along with an annual membership which means that whenever you a ready for a new shirt you can swap the old one out for $8 [that is about R100]. Once you receive the new shirt we’ll take the old one back to recycle into new product. At the end of a year you can either keep the tee or choose to renew for another year for a discounted price.

For Days