Minimalist Gift Inspiration – Getaway

I just read an article in Mind Body Green about gifts for Minimalists.

Because I live in South Africa, usually I am too far away from the US to take advantage of the ideas presented in all the US articles I read. But this is a concept that is increasingly necessary everywhere – that of offering travellers a break from the ever-present demands of being eternally connected. It’s a notion that my husband & I have discussed before. We live in a beautiful part of the world. Why not offer visitors a real break from daily life. A place to stay with mod cons but no wifi. Someone has done just this in the US. Have a look:


Their strapline – A day off for the always on. We offer simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature.

I just love their intention. This company is all about the value and benefits of returning to a more Minimalist way of life.

From the website: A Getaway is equal parts wonder-filled and wise. An experience designed to bring us back to our elements, immerse us in the magic of the woods, and challenge us to rediscover the pleasure of boredom, solitude and unstructured time.

And: Every Getaway is a quest for…

Balance – Making cities, technology and work even better through nature, disconnection and rest

Simplicity – Doing nothing and embracing everything that crosses your path

Ritual – Creating the time and space you need to explore, appreciate and wonder

Leisure – Marrying the curiosity of a pioneer with the humility of a houseguest

Quiet – Enjoying the privacy of your own little patch of land, without the anxiety of isolation