November 2019 – 3 challenges

A few years ago I decided to follow the basics of Minimalism.

I made a decision to do this. I decided to try to create a more intentional life for me and for my family. I wanted to change my life from autopilot to conscious – a collection of considered choices.

I like challenges. It’s like my version of a to do list, which helps my productivity. And because I am trying to make life changes, I need a list. Challenges help me work down my “life list.”

This November I am testing different areas of my life with 3 self-imposed challenges. These all support the my chosen creation of a simple and beautiful life, based on those basic principles of Minimalism:

  1. Sea Change decluttering challenge (decluttering, habit change)
  2. 21 day Deepak Chopra self empowerment meditation challenge (spirituality and calm)
  3. Courtney Carver’s Project 333 (simple wardrobe, fewer choices)

Sea Change

I have signed up for Sea Change (mentioned here). This is Leo Babauta’s habit changing course and I am on Day 1 – Step 1: Find Your Habit Path. So I will send through a few updates as I go along.

21 day Oprah and Chopra The Path to Empowerment meditation challenge

The 21 day Oprah and Chopra The Path to Empowerment meditation challenge is run via an app which I have downloaded.

Today is Day 1 so I have no feedback yet.

What I can say is that having accountability for me is key. With the abundance meditation I had to tick off when I had done the meditation and the challenge. So I hope there is some form of accountability.

I also found that 21 days of daily meditation impacted my life positively and although the effects are somewhat lasting, I feel I would like to return to daily meditation.

I mentioned in my previous (October challenge) post that I felt my regular meditation practise was reliant on the accountability of a group. And I wondered if I would continue once the group disbanded.

Well – I stopped.

So currently, for me, I still need some form of a group.

Project 333

Project 333 is just great. I would highly recommend it.

I have done it before – for 1 month. I am now signed up for 3 months. I am now on my second month. Mornings are increasingly easy. The weather is getting warmer, with a few cold snaps.

It is Thursday and this week I have worn the same grey jersey every day. I haven’t noticed a look and have not received 1 comment.