October 2020 Challenges

It is October which means Spring energy still abounds. If September is the fresh start of Spring, October is the settling in. It means more early light – for runs, fewer clothes, more swims in the ocean, more creative energy for me, more sunblock. It’s a season of more.

This month, again, I would like to set the intention to do less, but better.

I would like to simplify the details to focus on the essentials of life.

As previously, I have divided my monthly challenges into 4 life quadrants – Health, Self, Wealth, and Social.

In addition I have signed up for a life-enhancing, dream-chasing community-supported group to enhance my ongoing efforts to create a good life. I have nothing to say yet as today is my first day.

snapped on our evening stroll today

With regards to how I did with my September challenges: My daily rhythm is now mostly flowing steadily. It has taken me a while to reach this point and some days I let myself off the hook. But most days now I am:

  • meditating
  • drinking water
  • doing my stretching to strengthen my core to support my back
  • flossing (my teeth, not the dance!)
  • writing (journaling)
  • visualising my future
  • learning French
  • learning something – reading or listening
  • working on my business for 2 hours
  • exercising – a run or a cycle or a dog walk or a swim

A regular meditation practise is a life-changing habit. It beings calm and a better ability to cope with stress. It is a tool I turn to regularly when I spin-out during the day. I return to my breath to recenter myself.

My small back stretches and core exercises seem to be helping to support my back issues. I am experiencing no debilitating back pain and make sure I stretch every day for 5 minutes.

Visualisation and stream of consciousness writing seem to make my goals clearer, and somehow more acceptable to me.

This month – OCTOBER

I will still be focused on the creation of a simple and beautiful life, based on the basic principles of Minimalism.

I will still be working on the 4 areas of life: health, wealth, self, and social.

I want to organise and automate more work, so I set myself up to do less but achieve more. I want to work more productively when I work, so I can be really present with my family and friends when I am with them.

As such here are my challenges for the month of OCTOBER:

  1. Health
    • Sun salutations & core exercises & water & daily exercise
    • Run 2 x a week
  2. Self
    • Meditation & writing & visualisation & French & learning something new every day
    • Take some days off – away from everything digital
  3. Wealth
    • Spend a minimum of 2 hours a day on my digital business
    • Take ACTION to achieve my goals, not just learning or list checking
    • Do ONE THING AT A TIME (which includes closing extra tabs and turning ALL phone notifications off) – again
    • Purpose my day with Leo Babauta’s Most Important Task – again
  4. Social
    • Restrict my Netflix watching, if at all. Consider canceling.
    • Invite friends for outdoor meetups

Instagram, Blog, and An Opportunity

If you enjoy pictures and quotes and think you might like to see snippets of my experience as I learn and share – please hop on over to my Simple Beautiful Life Instagram page. It’s about the things I believe in – simplicity and living according to priorities and some motivation and business posts.

If you enjoy reading – please browse my Simple Beautiful Life blog where I write about simplifying life and challenging myself to get better at living a good life, and about running a business online, on my own terms, and according to my own values.

If you are looking for an opportunity to learn and grow and learn some new digital skills, you can take advantage of the free training offered by the same team of people who are teaching me how to run a business online. Have a look at this video to learn more about what changed my life. I really am so glad I decided to join the tribe!