on starting

It’s Spring. Time of young, fresh, fluffy and new.

And I am just starting my second round of Joshua Becker’s Uncluttered course. Round 2. I have read his book The Less of More. The first time I did the course I got rid of a lot of clothes and clutter. My aim was to get more on top of my finances.

This time I do the course it will be with an eye on my end goal, my larger purpose. And also my finances which still ned a lot of attention.

Last time I did the course we were mid alternations in our home. This time we mostly have a place for everything.

I will be getting rid of unused excess, further pairing down my wardrobe, putting up art (which brings great joy), and helping my girls choose toys of theirs to pass on to orphans for Christmas.

I love staring again. A blank spreadsheet, a new project, a tidy room, a clean desk, a freshly made bed, empty drawers and open shelves.

And the beginning of a course.

It is a time of plans and aspirations, energy and goal setting. And the end is a mystery. Here we go!