On truth and beauty

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.

Albert Einstein

And so I was inspired to write a brief post about the idea of setting time aside regularly to spend some time in a child-like state of wonder.

I have mentioned before that I sometimes look to my children’s behaviour to slow me down and keep me in the present moment.

  • Children stop a lot
  • They can be interested in everything, in all directions
  • They are curious
  • They ask questions
  • They constantly seek to understand the things they see.

They also interrupt and want their needs met immediately – because they exist in the moment.

As a child the pursuit of everything is the norm.

As an adult things get in the way.

What an important practice to come back to – the pursuit of truth and beauty:

  • A way to take us away from or cares
  • A way of lifting our minds onto higher ideas
  • A way of experiencing the beauty all around us
  • A way of refining our personal definition of beauty
  • A way of looking at the world with curiosity
  • An opportunity to pause and consider what is in front of us

The idea of spending a portion of every day in state of child-like wonder is certainly worth considering.

Maybe my March challenge of taking a daily pause will morph into an April challenge pursuing truth and beauty every day!?