Our Mediterranean Summer Of Love

I thought that title covered all aspects of what I wanted to say.

Part of living a simple beautiful life is food. For me this means healthy, simple, inexpensive cooking. Recently I have rediscovered the Mediterranean diet which I mentioned in this post.

One of the reasons I write this blog is to keep me inspired and keep me on track creating and consciously living a simple beautiful life.

One of the ways I inspire myself is to set myself projects. I am always doing a course in the background, or setting myself a target. So it came to me that perhaps I should set myself a summer project – to eat a Mediterranean diet. For health and to cultivate dietary simplicity.

Also Joshua Becker sent our a mail today about setting a daily intention. He suggested one sentence as follows: Today, I commit myself to ____________________.” And what immediately came to me was health and wealth. So I analysed wealth which for me meant money. And I thought about health – which to me encompasses physical health – exercise, and diet (fresh water and healthy food), and emotional health.

A Mediterranean diet is plant-based and simple. The link to health is fairly self explanatory in terms of dietary health. It is a simple and tasty way to eat.

In terms of physical and exercise-related health – I have found that something like a change to a more healthy diet can lead to transformations in other areas to healthy behaviours in our lives. For example – less wine, more yoga. Less processed food, more raw eating. More running, more water.

Regarding emotional health – besides numerous studies linking sugar and processed foods to erratic behaviour – the less time I have to spend preparing a complex meal, the more-present and less-harried I will be as a mother for my girls and partner for my husband. Which sounds like a win all.

The link to wealth is that it is potentially a cheaper way to eat. And as I am always trying to decrease my spending on food, and to save, this too makes sense (of cents!).

And our summer of love? This is a link straight to my daily intention again: Today, I commit myself to health and wealth. Every decision I make I will make with the intention, or the background whisperings, that remind me that I am making this decision with a view to improving our health and wealth and enhancing our life.

Love is a very large part of choosing to live a simple beautiful life; a life full of love and beauty, good friendships and excellent health.