Our simple Saturday

Yesterday I made the choice to simplify our day. And it was blissful. The girls and I spent a couple of hours playing in pools the retreating tide had left behind on the beach. Then while J went for a surf, the girls and I came home.  We spread out a blanket and lay in the garden watching the sunbirds feed at our nectar feeder.

Slowing down is a tonic. The sound of the sea and the tweets of the busy little birds was everything there was for some time. A hawk hovered above us, still as a kite. The sunbirds flashed iridescent green and bright red as they darted to and fro. A paraglider launched off the mountain. We read. We snoozed. The girls were calm. I was calm.

And I will remember those few blissful hours for a long time to come.  A day spent like this is as a direct result of my choosing to slow down. A result of all the articles I have read written by minimalists.  I am most grateful to them all.