Our summer sunshine Christmas

I love Christmas. There is something about the hope that the season brings speaks straight to my romantic heart.

Here in Cape Town we have a sunny Southern Hemisphere Christmas, complete with beaches, salads & cooling cucumber-laced spritzers.

It is a very different set up from the traditional cold twinkly winter affair which typically represents the season.

For those who have’t experienced a summer Christmas – here are a few words describing how it goes, for our family anyway:

We have our long summer holidays over this time of year. Schools shut in early December and open again in late January.

We swim a lot, and often entertain friends and family visiting from colder climes (not as much of that this year).

We tend to stay local as the weather is good and we live near the ocean.

We listen to carols. And we watch Christmas movies, mostly involving snow and mistletoe.

We decorate our home with a tree, some lights and some home-made decorations.

We bake gingerbread cookies with friends, which is becoming a tradition.

We spend time outdoors, enjoying the cooler mornings and the long, light evenings.

We go to carols in Kirstenbosch gardens on the slopes of Table mountain (sadly not this year).

We go to magical Christmas parties for the kiddies involving tractor rides, hay fights, ice creams and a visit from the Santa himself (very sadly not this year, so much a part of our tradition).

We celebrate with a Christmas lunch which is usually a full gammon, turkey and roast potatoes feast, although it can be hot, and a more suitable meal would be a watermelon kept cool in the pool.

A brief insight into what we will be doing. But however we are all celebrating, or relaxing, or spending the end of 2020, it is different this year.

Whether we find ourselves in the summer sun or in deep midwinter, we can still however hold onto the sentiments of the season.

We can focus on peace, love and joy. We can keep things simple.

We can pause, be grateful for all that we have, and be present with those we love. Because all we have, is now.

Peace, love and joy to you all.